White Elephant Thanksgiving? Themed White Elephant Party?

Thanksgiving White Elephant PArty

Last week we talked about some amazing recipes. I gave you the perfect brine recipe for your turkey and a pumpkin cheesecake recipe that is to die for. 

Today I want to throw a curve ball at you. 

Have you ever thought of changing your Thanksgiving plans and "mashing up" gift giving with Thanksgiving dinner? After all, it is ThanksGIVING...

For Thanksgiving, not only is a potluck type of dinner so much fun and inclusive, but having a small white elephant gift exchange would be a great way to extend the giving spirit and launch your holiday season into overdrive. 

One way to make this even more memorable is to require your white elephant gift exchange be solely gifts that were made by your guests.  Think yummy homemade snacks, super cute house decor, and comfy blankets. 

You could serve this yummy White Elephant cocktail too!

White Elephant Cocktail

1 Cup - Moist Shredded Coconut - Fresh 

1 Cup - Coconut Milk

4 TBSP - Coconut Sugar

6 oz - Rum - Captain Morgan will give extra spice and flavor!

2 oz -  White Creme De Cacao

1 Cup - Crushed Ice

Blend and serve garnished with a rim of shredded coconut!


Thats it for today! Friday I have some crazy ideas for Themed White Elephant Parties!! Stay Tuned!!

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