After Thanksgiving - Surviving Black Friday and Food Coma

black friday holiday season inspiration

Awww yes! 

Most of us love Thanksgiving! The football, yummy turkey, gravy, potatoes, and lots of desserts! Bring on the food coma! 

Then there are those of us that prep for Black Friday shopping and creative ways to make our left overs last longer. Well, have no fear. We are here to help with some ways to survive the shopping and food dilemma.

Before we get into that, What about the white elephant Thanksgiving?

You can make your Thanksgiving so much more memorable by changing things up. How about an ugly sweater exchange? Instead of it being a contest, bring ugly sweaters that people must exchange and wear for dinner. Christmas isn't the only holiday for gift exchange. Make each gathering a memorable one. 

Oh, and don't forget the flatware! Making personalized flatware for each family is a great way to show your love and create a gift that can be used over and over again. 

Prepping for Black Friday shopping. 

Having a bag of snacks and water will help to save money and prevent the long wait to eat at the mall food court. Make it healthy with some fresh veggies and small snack fruits. This is a super easy way to save time and money!

Online shopping is the ultimate way to save time and free up enough time to binge watch your favorite show before you have to go back to work.  There are many small businesses that could use the support and you can find extra special gifts that arent like mass produced goods found in the big box stores.

Oh and your left overs!!! 2 words Vacuum Seal!

Make your left overs into ready made lunches and dinners for days and days! 

This method helps to keep the moisture in the food so the food doesn't get mushy or dried out. 

If you have any ideas for the holiday season, please share with us in the comments below!

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