Epoxy Glitter Tumblers VS. Powder Coating - What's The Difference?

epoxy tumbler glitter tumbler whats the difference.

So, for many people, a tumbler is a tumbler. The more color the better! The coating and process for designing doesn't matter as long as it is cheap. If it looks somewhat like what they are looking for, BONUS!

But for some, quality and craftsmanship is a big deal. They want something that will last for years to come and looks really great! 

The world of custom tumblers varies widely from mass produced cheap designs straight from Wish, AliExpress, or whichever Chinese discount importer of your choice all the way to professional custom tumblers made by hand just for you!

The method you choose is of that..a choice. 

I have comprised a short pro and cons list of what I think is the 2 most popular and best options out there. Epoxy Glitter Tumblers and Custom Powder Coated Tumblers. Please keep in mind that even though the information I looked up is from other peoples websites, this list is my opinion. You may agree or disagree, but I tried to make this as balanced as possible. 

Epoxy Glitter Tumblers  

 Pros Cons

Durable against chipping and pits

Can Be Slippery

The DIY "world" is very helpful and will hold your hand along the way if necessary. 

If not prepped correctly, the epoxy will peel away from the tumbler

Less expensive start up cost

Production time can be excessive


All resins will yellow with time(UV inhibitors slow the process but doesn't eliminate it) - hot temps can damage the coating

Range of suitable materials 
Can be difficult to apply
FDA Safe 

Hard to find different designs that doesn’t look like all of the other

Powder Coated Tumblers 

 Pros Cons

Durability - Long wearing doesn’t chip, fade or scratch easily, resistant to chemicals

Greater start up cost

More efficient drying and curing process

Takes some time to learn

Overspray can be recycled

The community can be persnickety at times

Beautiful results - Vast array of colors available

Difficulty producing even thin coating

Less environmental impact

Range of suitable materials

FDA Safe

Cannot be mixed to obtain new colors


So, in conclusion, my opinion is..... Of course we prefer the powder coating method as we love the amount of artistry and talent that it takes to produce a high quality design. All of our designs are done by hand. We NEVER use vinyl decals and we NEVER laser etch(more on that later). We apply all of our powder by hand and take the time to produce the HIGHEST QUALITY designs, every time!

Always get tumblers from people who you can work with directly and will help you through the process. 


If you want to be a guest blogger with us and share you story, please email me, Jennifer, at AskTuc@TheUtensilCompany.com.


Thank you reading! See you next time!



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