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Hey everybody! 

Just a quick snapshot of whats coming up for 2019. 

First, We are going to be taking a more personal approach to our content. We want everyone to know us as people and not just a company.  Aaron and I have decided to let people in a bit and share our story. 

Also, we are going to be implementing new videos, tutorials and fun misc. videos to help everyone understand The Utensil Company a little better and hopefully entertain people at the same time. We have taken many precautions to implement processes that produces excellent results. Sharing that with everyone, we feel, will help new business owners as well as inspire budding entrepreneurs.  As a bonus, we want to make people laugh and understand that life doesn't have to be serious ALL the time. 

Lastly, we will be traveling and sharing our journey's with you! We will be at Wondercon, San Diego Comic Con, Dragon Con and so many more events this year. Showing the behind the scenes for these events and the crazy happenings of our adventures will let you in to the full time RV'er life and we can all have some fun! 

So, that being said, obviously we will be starting a YouTube channel as well as Snapchat and utilizing FB live more often. 

If you have any ideas that of what you would like to see or any stories you want to add, leave a comment below! 

See you next time!

Jen and Aaron


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