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Its almost here! At least Christmas is. 

Did you know that there are at least 6 other holidays(if not more) that are celebrated in December?

Hanukkah - Dec 2 - 10 - Hanukkah has already come and gone and we do hope the holiday was especially great for those who celebrate! 

Kwanzaa - Dec 26 - Jan 01 - A seven day event that if you celebrate, please share pics! We would love to see the gifts of creativity and the giant feast!

Winter Solstice - Dec 21 - Celebrate the shortest day and longest night of the year! This is the rebirth of the sun!

Las Posadas - Dec 16 - 24 - Celebration full of music, gifts, pinatas and TAMALES!! Let us know if you celebrate Las Posadas! We love tamales!!

And so so may more! So this holiday season, remember that December is a time for celebration for so many traditions! Lets embrace and celebrate to together!

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