Holiday Season Is Upon Us

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Are you ready for the holiday season?

We are-ish... We are working hard to gear up and get everything dialed in to make the shopping experience as pleasant as possible with all of our sales platforms. 

That being said, one of my personal favorite parts of the holidays is cooking!! I love to cook for Thanksgiving and throughout the days after as well. 

One thing that I have learned is having a great brine for your turkey can make or break the whole Thanksgiving dinner. Dry turkey, undercooked turkey, undercooked fried turkey, tasteless turkey..all problems that people have year after year. 

I have found the PERFECT holiday brine for you! You can either purchase it pre-made or follow the recipe to make your own fresh version. 

Links here ----->

and here -----> recipe:  - then scroll to Rob's Turkey Brine

Now there are no excuses for a crappy turkey!!!


Friday I will start with gift giving ideas as well as some fun holiday party ideas and themes!! 

See you then!!


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