2019 is HERE!

Hi everybody!

It's so great to be here in the new year and alive to experience the Bladerunner date. 

We are getting ready over here for WonderCon in Anaheim starting March 29-31. 

We will be releasing several new designs and exclusives for the show.

Also, this years marks exactly 1 year until 2020! When I was a kid, this was sooo far away. Now we are less than a year from it. Where did all that time go. 

So, to keep us focused and headed in the right direction, here is some ideas on how we keep "Big Mo"(momentum) even when we don't feel like it. 

1) Focus on the goals - Focusing on whats happening right in front of you can be really discouraging. Being able to see the path to our goals keeps the coals hot!

2) Keeping supportive and the right people around us - In life, no one should tolerate negativity or dishonesty to infiltrate their life. You are in control of what goes into your head, and in control of your life. Nothing else can control it.  When it feels like you aren't in control, thats because you chose to let that control go to someone or something else. Take it back. NOW! Keeping people around us that understand that and keep us accountable when we are slipping is crucial for success. 

and 3) Never Give Up!! - When you can clearly see something that you want, lay the path to get there, and take action on the steps.. Nothing can stop you. The difference in failure and success is GRIT! Not Passion. Passion wanes, but GRIT gets you through and takes you to the goal!

What are your best practices? We would love to hear them!


Here's to a great 2019!



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